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Avondale general histories

At the Heart of the Village (Three Guys Site), by L J Truttman

Finding the Focus, the movement to establish community centres in Avondale, by L J Truttman

Glenburn, Avondale's Fire on the Clay, by L J Truttman

History of the Avondale Stables site, Great North Road, by L J Truttman

Leather Makers (Gittos Tannery),
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, by L J Truttman

Rosebank Peninsula Landscape Study 2008-2010, by J P Adam

Tait's Playground, by L J Truttman

They Trained Beside the River, by L J Truttman

Towards a Bright Future: history of the Avondale Business Association, by L J Truttman

A Matter of Convenience (old Avondale Public toilets block), by L J Truttman

Bests' Varnish Works, by L J Truttman

Heart of the Whau (text only, 2003)
Part 1 Early Days
Part 2 Whau to Avondale
Part 3a and Part 3b Once a Borough
Part 4 The Boom Time
Part 5 Rise of the Shopping Malls
Part 6 On to Mainstreet

Whau heritage stories 2021
Presentations given at Avondale and Blockhouse Bay Libraries
Canals and Politics (Blockhouse Bay's earliest street names)
Craigavon Park
Motu Manawa Reserve (Pollen and Traherne Islands, Avondale)

The Domain At The Bay (Gittos Domain history)

Waterview general histories:

Terminus: Lives at the mouth of Te Auaunga / Oakley Creek (1. Flour Millers, 2. Tanners, 3. Mattson's Flat, 4. Images), by L J Truttman

Waterview Heritage Character Study, 2006, by J Dragicevich
Acknowledgements, Introduction, Preface
Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4
Notes, Index
Photos 1, Photos 2


The Canal Promoter (David Bruce Russell), by L J Truttman

A Doctor in the Whau (Dr Thomas Aickin), by L J Truttman

Fruit from the Scoria (Captain Robert David James), by L J Truttman

Somewhere between the truth and otherwise (John Douglas Stark) by L J Truttman

The Legend Maker (Rev Alexander McKenzie)


Avondale Salvation Army Corps, by L J Truttman

St Ninians Church, 150 years, by L J Truttman

To Serve Them All My Days, by J Dragicevich

Victoria Hall, by L J Truttman

New Lynn Congregational Church report

St Andrews Hall report (New Lynn)


Index to Challenge of the Whau
The index was first compiled by Lisa Truttman in the mid 1990s, after the book was published in 1994 by the Ron Oates and the Avondale History Group. This version scanned with OCR and edited February 2021.

Once the Wilderness index, by L J Truttman

Rugged Determination index, by L J Truttman

General history:

The Zoo War (J J Boyd's Royal Oak Zoo) (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4) by L J Truttman

Paw Prints (Zion Wildlife Gardens, Kamo), compiled by L J Truttman

Naming the delicious little ray (from Chinese gooseberry to Kiwifruit), by L J Truttman

Wairaka's Waters, by L J Truttman

650A Mt Albert Road, research summary by L J Truttman

143 White Swan Road report, by L J Truttman

The Lively Brays of Mt Albert, by L J Truttman

Hartshorn Brickworks c1895-1917 and Henderson Brick and Tile Syndicate 1903 c1912 Te Atatu North

A Place to Stay Awhile: Auckland's Transit Camps 1944-1978 by Lisa J Truttman (2020)

The Maunga at Mount Albert by Lisa J Truttman (2020)